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What changes are needed for a meaningful reform in Midstream Gas?

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It has been remarked that in recent years there have been two failed openings in the energy sector: gas and power. Building on policy guidelines developed by his predecessor, the government of Ernesto Zedillo (1994‐2000) launched a major reform in the natural gas sector: the Natural Gas Act of 1995 established that the importation and Continue Reading

News Commentary: How to reinvent the legal figure of a private mineral interest in oil and gas?

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The hermetic and heavy silence of the Peña Nieto administration regarding their ideas for an energy reform for the fall of 2013 leaves everyone guessing about what’s on their minds. How to reinvent the legal figure of a private mineral interest in oil and gas? Recently, I’ve been asking myself the question about what minimal Continue Reading

Pipeline Company Strategy in Mexico, 2013-18:

A pro-market action plan

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For the past 18 years, the Mexican gas pipeline and distribution companies have been blocked from realizing their original dream of business opportunities in Mexico. The Natural Gas Act of 1995 gave private industry the right to own and operate gas transmission and distribution pipelines; it gave them the right to import and export natural Continue Reading

Reflections on the Incident at Building B-2 of the

Pemex Headquarters Complex

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The explosion in the basement of the building in Pemex’s headquarters complex was not an industrial accident, as the building is not a facility in which petroleum products are processed, transported or sold. The explosion could have taken place in any other building that operated as an administrative center or office building (the Latin American Continue Reading

My Negative Votes on Pemex’s Board

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In MEI Market Note 154, THE LOGIC AND OPTIONS FOR ENERGY REFORM (Jan. 10, 2013), we offer the new Mexican government some unexpected advice: Reject any proposal for changes in CFE or Pemex that aspires to make either company more efficient—but only in Mexico. One of these measures is to merge the three business units Continue Reading