A New Beginning for Mexican Oil: principles and recommendations for a reform in Mexico’s national interest

ITAM Wilson Center

Calls and suggestions for energy reform in Mexico have been heard and read for a generation in Mexico. The Energy Reform of 2008 was well-intentioned, but it neither introduced market price signals nor did it promote competition with (that is, against) Pemex or CFE.

In mid-January 2013, another call for upstream reform was issued by the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington. The paper argues for sweeping changes that would give the government and Pemex more flexibility.

We examine the arguments presented, and offer picaresque rejoinders by Pemex E&P and by PMI Comercio, S.A. de C.V.

The report is based on consultations among 18 experts in the energy sector.

They are:

  • Ernesto Marcos
  • David Shields
  • David Enríquez
  • Miriam Grunstein
  • Lourdes Melgar
  • Juan Eibenschutz
  • Javier Estrada
  • Marcelo Mereles
  • Enrique Hidalgo
  • Fluvio Ruiz
  • Carlos Berdeja
  • Juan Pardinas
  • Josefina Cortés
  • Tania Ortiz
  • Isidro Morales
  • Eduardo Andrade
  • John Padilla
  • Duncan Wood

Click Market Note 155: ITAM’s Oil Reform Proposal (Part II) to download our Outline & Summary.

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Market Note 155: ITAM's Oil Reform Proposal (Part II)

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