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ENERGIA.COM is the internet reporting and documentation center where analysis, reports and documents related to the broader energy sector in Mexico may be accessed. Information is also posted here about upcoming conferences and other events that are related to the energy sectors of the three countries of the Gulf of Mexico.

BAKER & ASSOCIATES, ENERGY CONSULTANTS, based in Houston, is a resource for professionals in the global oil and gas industry who serve in industry, government, finance, the media and academia. Our reports, consultations and workshops offer data and insights regarding policy, institutional and commercial issues in Mexico’s energy sector and its political context.

MEXICO ENERGY INTELLIGENCE® (MEI) is a commercial, advisory and documentation service about issues that are seldom discussed in Mexico. MEI reports, issued since 1995, are intended to facilitate two‐way communication between Mexican public and private institutions and the global environment. MEI reports on both front‐page and back‐office issues related to the environment, energy regulation, and government and private investment in Mexico’s energy sector. Our reporting and documentation service helps subscribers anticipate the outcomes of evolving legal, policy, institutional and commercial conditions in Mexico’s energy sector. We accomplish this goal by staying at the interface between commerce, institutions and public oversight.

Our reports, which also cover conferences, are distributed principally on a paid subscription basis. Subscribers support us, financially and intellectually, in our work to project a vision of an energy regime in Mexico that is globally connected–which, at present, it isn’t—and with strong public oversight and an NOC that can operate outside of Mexico in equity partnerships. We project this vision in our subscriber reports, public-policy papers on our website, social media, press interviews and conferences.

There are subscription rates for industry, government, IOCs, NOC’s, NGOs, pipeline companies, law firms, and university libraries and research programs.

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PUBLIC POLICY PERSPECTIVES are critiques of public policy as it affects the energy sectors of the individual NAFTA countries and, in relation to the Gulf of Mexico, Cuba. The perspective that is sought in these reports is one informed by global best practices, fair competition and democratic values. These reports are available at no cost.

OVERCOMING THE MEXICAN ACCENT IN ENGLISH is the title of a workshop that has been given in Mexico in Pemex, CRE and CNH. The purpose is to offer native Spanish speakers who are already competent in English an opportunity to improve their listening and speaking skills through an introduction to practical linguistics. The workshop leader contrasts the phonological system of Spanish with that of English; and exercises are given to strengthen the ability of the Spanish speaker to hear and repeat the subtle differences between English and Spanish pronunciation. There are two technical reports issued by MEI on this topic.

GEORGE BAKER is the managing director of the firm, and he is the publisher of Mexico Energy Intelligence®. In addition, drawing on his academic background as a Fulbright Exchange Scholar at Mexico’s National University (UNAM) and as a lecturer in linguistics in the Far East Division of the University of Maryland, he serves as the leader in the language‐training workshops designed for advanced students of English and Spanish.

His articles in English have appeared in Oil & Gas Journal, World Oil, Journal of Energy & Development and Mexican Law Review, among others. His articles in Spanish have been published in Reforma, Energía a Debate, Expansión and Letras Libres, among others.

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