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2023 North American Corn and Energy Summit

(Houston, Texas, Dec. 30, 2022) This report provides a perspective on Mexico’s trade policies relating to biotech and energy, topics that will be among the topics discussed at the 2023 North American Leaders Summit (NALS), scheduled for Jan. 9-10, 2023. The report examines the background of the Mexican government’s decree of Dec. 31, 2020, which Continue Reading

Mixed US-Mexico trade signals: U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce

Mixed US-Mexico trade signals: U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce HOUSTON (Oct. 28, 2022) –– To judge from comments voiced during the annual meeting in Washington, D.C., on September 21, 2022 of the Dallas-based U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, there are mixed signals regarding the health of bilateral commerce. A success story was told by ULINE, a family-owned Continue Reading

Outlook for Deepwater Development in Mexico:Factors for success in Perdido Basin

(HOUSTON, JUNE 24, 2022) –– IN OUR REPORT ISSUED IN 2004 (MEI 679), we asked about “Pemex’s future production in deepwater: What is Plan B?” Seventeen years later, without the first barrel of oil from a deepwater reservoir, we ask this question again, only this time taking into account the change that has taken place Continue Reading

Talos Energy: From a commercial discovery to a commercial dispute (Extract)

Houston, September 20, 2021 –– Four years after making the largest commercial oil discovery in Mexico in a generation in 2017, the commercial expectations of the consortium led by Houston-based Talos Energy continue in suspense. A positive outcome in which Talos is the operator continues to be an elusive challenge for the company. Zama has Continue Reading

MEI Report 939 – Energy and the Public Interest

(Houston, June 29, 2021) — In this report, we ask about the public interest in Zama reservoir and the Deer Park Refinery. Click here to download MEI REPORT 939 (selected pages). ***WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUY THIS REPORT AND RECEIVE 50 PERCENT OFF***