Dictionary of Mexico’s Energy Sector

Dictionary of Mexico’s Energy Sector

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THE MEXICAN ENERGY REFORM of 2014 introduced a new technical and legal vocabulary for understanding policy, commercial and institutional relationships in the energy sector.

A specialized dictionary is needed to define terms that appear in treaties, laws, regulations, presentations, speeches and other sources. We visualize an online database in which each entry is considered from several perspectives (see insert).

The difficult part will come in crafting the annotations, where we need the nearest equivalent to terminology in English that is used in the global oil and gas and power industries.

Financial support from sponsors will be used for research time, database programming, data entry and website maintenance.

To provide annotations in Spanish and English, the collaboration and sponsorship of readers will be essential.


  • Lexical (dictionary) item in its original language (Spanish with a few exceptions).
  • An English translation.
  • Official definitions where available, or extracts from official texts where a given term appears.
  • Comments, in English, about the meaning of the term in its legal, commercial, policy, institutional or historical dimensions, as may be needed.
  • Cross-references to other terms in Mexican jurisprudence or usage in the global energy sector.
  • Notes, in English or Spanish, about historical, political, cultural or etymological points of interest.


  • See how the dictionary database can create multiple glossaries for the energy sector.

  • A glossary of 145 terms from the CNH Model Contract with provisional translations and citations to the text where the terms appear.

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