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“Roadshow” to promote commercial aura of Mexico

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HOUSTON — UT Austin, in the persona of the Jackson School of Geoscience, in which, a few years ago, Lourdes Melgar was a Fellow, supports the “revitalization of Mexico’s energy sector.” For the slides of the Houston roadshow on October 20, the link is At that event, there were upwards of 400 persons present, Continue Reading

The Law School of Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León to hold energy reform panel

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Monterrey, August 7-9, 2014 — The Law School of the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León has scheduled a 2 ½-day series of presentations and panels that will consider diverse aspects of the energy reform. You may download the preliminary program HERE.

Two reports on Pemex’s 2013-14 Mega-Tender for Onshore Wells

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On August 29, 2013, Pemex issued an international RFP (Request for Proposal) No. 18575088-542-13 which called for proposals for some 1,300 wells in ten blocks (or packages). In December, two of the five blocks in Chicontepec were withdrawn, leaving the maximum number of wells at slightly less than 800. The bid packages were acquired by Continue Reading

Mexico’s energy reform in relation to oil and gas: Key points

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Today, we have a Senate report that is very ambitious in its scope; and the underlying purpose of which is to give the government the flexibly to respond to evolving technologies and market conditions without having to enter into a another constitutional debate in the future. That said, what we have today is a Senate Continue Reading

To the Editor: Mary O’Grady, WSJ — Will Mexico Welcome Wildcatters?

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It is a good thing that Mexico’s finance minister was available for an interview to talk about energy. At least he acknowledges that the topic is one that the Journal’s readers would like to hear about. His story-line, however, is but a melodic variation on Brahms’s Lullaby. It is the big picture, not the details, Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor, NYT — Thomas Friedman:

How Mexico Got Back in the Game

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The “game” to which Mr. Friedman refers is statistical legerdemain. This is a game that Mexico plays adroitly, especially since 1991 when the government added “border transactions,” which referred to maquiladora assembly operations, to the national accounts. The move was to inflate Mexico’s status as a trading partner with the U.S. in order to promote Continue Reading