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Market Comment 016 – NAFTA AT 20: Personal

reminiscences and speculations

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NAFTA is a story of mixed success, of pluses and minuses. There is a temptation to depict the successes of NAFTA in terms of trade statistics, as the purpose of the agreement is ostensibly about trade. It turns out, however, that there is a global problem with U.S. and Mexican trade statistics, which is that Continue Reading

NAFTA at 20

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The mechanical marketing on the calendar of 20 years since the signing of NAFTA makes me remember the title of a report that we published in 2004: NAFTA: A MIXED SUCCESS AT 10—ABROGATED AT 15? I’m recalling, also, how, during a visit to the Mexican Finance Ministry in 1991, Professor James Wilkie (UCLA) and I Continue Reading

How successful is NAFTA?

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According to government websites and speakers, the story of NAFTA in its first 20 years is a “great success.” Maybe so, once everything is taken to account; but the statistics that are brought out to support this conclusion are suspect and unreliable as a measure of the benefits conferred to Mexico or the US from Continue Reading