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The Sorting Election: George Baker’s observations

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New York Times columnist David Brooks’s column of October 14, 2014, is about diversity and polarization in America. He compares the San Francisco Bay Area and Houston, showing that two very different regional models can be successful. The column generated over 300 responses. George Baker, who moved his business from Oakland to Houston in 1996, offers Continue Reading

Press commentary: The constraints of Mexico’s economic agenda

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In an editorial on the print edition of The NY Times this morning there is an article on “Mexico’s Ambitious Economic Agenda,” and, in passing, notes that Carlos Slim owns about 8% of the Class A shares of The New York Times Company. The editorial states that Mexico’s president “wants to allow the country’s state-owned Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor, NYT — Thomas Friedman:

How Mexico Got Back in the Game

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The “game” to which Mr. Friedman refers is statistical legerdemain. This is a game that Mexico plays adroitly, especially since 1991 when the government added “border transactions,” which referred to maquiladora assembly operations, to the national accounts. The move was to inflate Mexico’s status as a trading partner with the U.S. in order to promote Continue Reading