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Reflections on the Incident at Building B-2 of the

Pemex Headquarters Complex

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The explosion in the basement of the building in Pemex’s headquarters complex was not an industrial accident, as the building is not a facility in which petroleum products are processed, transported or sold. The explosion could have taken place in any other building that operated as an administrative center or office building (the Latin American Continue Reading

Criminal Charges Against Rig Managers in Deepwater Horizon Incident?

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In my essay on the “Political Science of Industrial Safety: Have the Deeper Lessons of Deepwater Horizon Been Learned?“, I focused on the safety audit that was carried out during the morning of April 20, 2010, by a joint team of BP and Transocean executives. The general argument was that the safety audit was for Continue Reading

Deepwater safety

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The serious issues of corporate governance and regulation in the shadow of the Macondo incident have not yet been addressed in the many post-accident studies that have been released. On April 20, 2010, a joint BP-Transocean safety audit team boarded the Deepwater Horizon for an inspection of the safety practices of the crew and the Continue Reading