Greater Houston Partnership to sponsor half-day program on Mexican energy reform


HOUSTON — The Greater Houston Partnership is sponsoring an important half-day program in Houston Wednesday, March 12, on Mexican energy reform. A description of the event is attached below, and the program (in PDF) is attached.

This event will be the first occasion at which the replacement of Carlos Morales will address an audience in the U.S.

Key points to listen for:

1) What, in legal terms, is a “Productive State Enterprise”? We have been told that it will make all kinds of wonderful efficiencies possible, but “efficiency” is over-rated as a goal if it means more state control. Will the new legal structure be obligated to follow NAFTA procurement rules?

2) What do Mexican speakers understand, in relation to the “posting of reserves,” by the concept of “expected benefits”? It is another Made-in-Mexico euphemism that needs clarification.

3) What will be the basis for making an award of a block by the CNH?

4) Will Pemex be permitted to carry out JVs before Round One?

5) Will CNH give Pemex all, or only part, of the Perdido Area in Round Zero?

6) Will the employees of the new legal figure be subject to the Federal Employee Accountability Act (LFRSP)?

7) Sergio Guaso is listed as the DG of “international” business development. Does he signal any intent to carry Pemex forward outside of Mexico, in the fashion of Statoil and Petrobras and many other NOCS? Or, is the vision of Pemex that of a more efficient, but stay-at-home oil company?

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