Hugh Harleston Jr. (q.e.p.d.)

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Hugh Harleston, Jr. (d. 2010) had retired as country manager of Dresser International in Mexico when I met him in Mexico City in 1973. Hugh had personally known the directors general of Pemex from Jaime J. Bermúdez.

Hugh was an extraordinary polymath. He received an engineering degree from Rice University, then received a master’s degree in Latin American literature from the National University. Hugh composed poetry, painted and played classical piano.

He formed an informal archeological team called Hua-Kan, which made expeditions in Mexico and the U.S. Hugh developed a unique interpretation of the geometry of Teotihuacán, based on the postulation of a standard unit of measure (a Teotihuacán meter), which he postulated as a root of the number 2.

In 2006, he prepared a bibliography of his many research papers on archeology and astro-archeology.

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His research was featured in a book, Secret Life of the Mexican Pyramids, by Peter Tompkins (available on Amazon —, with drawings by Hugh (who had expected to have been the co-author). He also authored and published a number of books and research papers.

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