Subscription Services

Business and policy advisory service

Purpose and scope

Since 1995, this service has helped subscribers carry out due diligence in matters related to business and public policy in Mexico’s oil and gas, power and chemical industries. Our emphasis is on the analysis of risk as related to contracts, projects and commercial and political actors. In the media and in public forums, we draw on the experiences of other countries to call attention to gaps or constraints in public policy related to investment, pricing and regulation. For example, Mexico lacks an upstream regulator and a protocol for cross-border oilfield unitization.

Business model

The service is offered to an individual business unit of a company or to an agency of a government. The subscriber may name as many as 7 users, each of whom will receive a password to permit online access to prior reports on our website. Reports and other communications are sent by email.

How we help

Market and policy reports

Reports on industry, policy and political trends are based on field interviews and in-house and public documentation. Our reports have a standard six-part format and typically contain appendices that provide tables, charts and other documentation.

The reports cover the full spectrum of the energy sector, for which reason, for a given subscriber some of our reports will be more interesting and relevant than others. Our view is that a broad knowledge of the energy sector, including its leadership and folklore, is needed for a full appreciation of the interconnected character of actors, issues and institutions.

Documentation support

Often we have access to documentation that is difficult to obtain in a timely manner. An example might be a presentation by a senior Pemex or CFE official at an industry seminar. Our eLibrary contains diverse documents on the energy sector, but subscribers receive collateral documentation directly from us.

Opportunity for policy outreach

Our presence in the press and participation in academic and business forums offers an opportunity for us to articulate market or policy concerns that would be awkward or inconvenient for a company or government agency.

Press reports

Our press reports include English renditions of Spanish titles.

Technical support

Available by telephone, email or private meeting.

Calendar alerts

We advise subscribers of meetings concerning energy that are organized by government, commercial and academic bodies.

News alerts

We inform subscribers of our interpretations of events affecting the energy sector, relying on public and private sources of information.