Mexico Energy Intelligence® Report 773

Dictionary of Mexican Energy (Ver. 1.0)

Dictionary of Mexican Energy (ver 1.0)

Dictionary of Mexican Energy (ver 1.0)

This is a preliminary dictionary of Mexican energy. There is a single lexical output for all entries, but also individual outputs for each of the legal dispositions under review. In some 60 pages, it includes 217 terms in nine legal documents and one treaty whose definitions are provided in official documentation. The list is far from complete.

The government has created new agencies: CENAGAS, CENACE, FONDO and AGENCIA DE SEGURIDAD, each of which will develop its specialized terminology not only through laws but also through resolutions, regulations and institutional dispositions of all kinds. It will be important for investors and their advisors to learn the new and emerging vocabulary of the restructured regulators: CRE and CNH.

The entries have been entered into a database (in FileMaker 5.5), which permits output of the lexical entries by individual law, treaty or institution.

Eventually, each of these terms needs not only an English translation but also notes about a term’s meaning, history and links.

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