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MEI 883 — Regulatory predictability vs Zepeda resignation (Screen edition).pdf - Immediate Download Upon Purchase

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MEI Report 883

Houston, December 17, 2018

This report provides an overview of accomplishments and setbacks that Mexico’s upstream regulator (CNH) experienced under Mr. Zepeda's leadership. We consider the elements in play that could have led to a decision to continue in office until the end of his statutory term (April 30, 2019) or resign (as was requested of the president-commissioners both of CNH and CRE).

Annex A is a letter of appreciation of an English proficiency workshop held in CNH in 2012. Annex B is a translation of Mr. Zepeda’s farewell letter addressed to public opinion. Fortunately, CRE leadership remains unchanged.

The report draws on discussions in Mexico City during the period November 30-December 8 with industry stakeholders and observers. It also draws on 10 years of reporting on the institutional development of the National Hydrocarbons Commission).

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