Mexico’s National Hydrocarbon Commission In 2015

CNH-MEI-No77HOUSTON (MEI Market Comment 067) — As originally conceived, this report was to have been just one page, noting how in 2015 Mexico’s National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) matched one or another of the scenarios that we developed four years ago at the suggestion of Mtro. Juan Carlos Zepeda, president of the Commission.

More than 24 hours of preparation later we have a report in 6 pages with 5 charts (lists, actually) that identify the successes and setbacks of CNH during 2009-14, the present position of the commission in the 2014 Energy Reform, and the challenges that lie ahead.

Javier Estrada added to the list of accomplishments of the CNH in its first 4 years (Fig. 1).

The sections of observations and conclusions might be characterized as somber. We find that CNH has been not only empowered, but also disempowered by the Energy Reform of 2014.

Ask yourself: If you believe (as we do) that CNH is to serve as the primary agency that is to provide public oversight about the wisdom and efficiency of the exploration and exploitation of Mexico’s petroleum resources, then why is so much of the responsibility given to other government agencies?

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