PRD Energy Reform Proposal

The PRD released an eight-page summary of its Energy Reform proposal. MEI’s preliminary observations include the following:

1) One has the impression that this document was inspired by Pemex traditionalists, as Pemex is seen in the first place as a fuel supply agency, and, secondarily as an instrument for social development and cohesion.

2) The Energy Reform of 2008 strengthened SENER as an agency for energy policy, but the PRD proposal wants Pemex to be in charge of “strategic direction.”

3)  There is no mention of market forces. The ideas that a) prices will be set as to promote energy efficiency and b) subsidies would be given only to those who need them are rhetorical gestures that reveal the ideal of a paternalistic State.

4) No new areas for private investment are proposed (although the future amendments to the Petroleum Law could create new areas). As it stands, there is nothing in this document that would motivate private investment.

5) The CNH is to be strengthened, and given a broader mandate; but the policy direction and logic for such changes are not specified.

Download the PRD Energy Reform Proposal (Spanish), which include  MEI commentary highlights and index (English).

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