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Mexico’s Energy Sector is not only a topic for analysis and reporting; it is also a global community of people from several dozen countries who have a professional interest in staying informed about current developments and underlying issues related to commerce, investment, law and regulation. It is therefore as important to meet people, and exchange ideas, impressions and concerns, as it is to study data and prepare reports.


We offer briefings on upstream, midstream, downstream and regulatory topics. Briefings are customized to respond to the special concerns of clients, and usually involve a mix of managers and analysts. Briefings can be scheduled for 1‐3 hours.

Workshops & Seminars

The firm has sponsored, or co‐sponsored, several industry events. In early 2003, the firm co‐ sponsored a seminar in Houston with IHS on the new Multiple Service Contracts (prompting Pemex to name its roll‐out conference, held several months later, the first “official” conference on the MSC’s). In 1997, the firm held a training workshop in Houston for Mexico energy analysts. Years later, in 2008, one person who attended that workshop would become the upstream country representative for a major IOC.

The workshop on Advanced English Pronunciation has been given to Pemex audiences in Villahermosa and Poza Rica, and to analysts and managers at CNH and CRE in Mexico City. Workshops are planned for the Houston area.

Invited Lecturer

George Baker has been invited to give a lecture at several academic institutions, including UCLA, the Institut d’Economie et de Politique de l’Energie (Grenoble), IMP and UNAM (Mexico DF), Universidad de Guadalajara, ITESM (Monterrey), Universidad de Monterrey, among others.

Panelist Moderator

Mr. Baker has served as a panelist and keynote speaker at numerous conferences in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Memorably, he was the keynote speaker in 1999 at the first annual ENERGY DAY event, sponsored by the British Chamber of Commerce of Mexico. Presentations have been in English or in Spanish. He was a moderator in an energy forum in Mexico City in July, 2012, and he is the moderator for the panel on the Transboundary Hydrocarbon Agreement at the 2012 annual meeting of the U.S. chapter of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE).

Communications Consulting

We have assisted clients in corporate communications relating to Mexican energy issues. Some assignments have been about connecting to offices in the Mexican government, principally Pemex, CRE and SENER. During 2010‐11, we were retained by Pemex E&P to assist with the roll‐out of its second round of farm‐out contracts (known informally as “incentive contracts”). The assignment was to provide quality assurance about the adequacy of the language (principally English) to be used in presentations, on the website and in promotional materials. A clause in the model contract said that the contract could be cancelled if Pemex judged it inconvenient, a detail that had alarmed prospective bidders. We informed Pemex that inconveniente should seldom be translated as “inconvenient;” in that context, it meant “uneconomic.”

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