Research Services

Client Work, Media Interviews and Consultations

Research services

We offer research services to corporate and government clients, and we routinely speak with other analysts and journalists about current developments and issues that affect the energy sectors of Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico, to include the U.S. and Cuba.

For clients, we can be retained to carry out market and policy studies, as well as be a source of primary‐source documentation on topics of special interest or concern.

We are also available to consult with graduate students and research faculty in relation to research topics in areas where we could be useful.

Our Documentation Center is a work‐in‐progress. Over the years, we have collected gigabytes of original documents (in PPT, PDF and Word) related to the energy sectors of Mexico and its neighbors. We have organized these documents into five broad “libraries”:

  • GENERAL (10,125 files), folders organized alphabetically (See screen shot)
  • ELECTRIC SECTOR (216 files), files organized chronologically (See screen shot)
  • LEGAL (320 files), folders organized chronologically (See screen shot)
  • PEMEX (2,090 files), folders organized alphabetically (See screen shot)
  • PRESS (2,262 files and > 19,000 individual press titles), accessible by searches for names, dates or topics. Titles freely translated (See example)

Our intent is to make this documentation available to clients, subscribers and e‐store customers, either on a subscription basis or a la carte.

The intent is to make these documents available to others on a self‐funding basis. We visualize a check‐out fee for users and a virtual library card with check‐out privileges.

At the same time, we want to create a revenue platform for others to contribute to the Documentation Center, on the basis of a division of the check‐out fees for documents that are contributed. But these ideas about a documentation center are for the future.

In the meantime, we invite inquiries from clients, subscribers and prospective customers as to the availability of documentation in areas of their interests.

Contact us by calling (713) 255-0000 or emailing