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George Baker - Baker Institute at Rice University

George Baker – Baker Institute at Rice University

THE BAKER INSTITUTE AT RICE UNIVERSITY offers a forum where academia, government and commerce can come together to report on, and discuss, current issues of public policy. In 2013, the Institute established a Mexico Center in order to encourage public focus on topics related to Mexico’s place in North America and the world. Energy is one of those topics.

The director of the center is Dr. Tony Payán, whose main research areas focus on legal and illegal flows on the U.S.-Mexico border. The Assistant Director is Erika de la Garza.

On October 31, 2013, a half-day seminar on Mexico’s energy reform was held at the Baker Institute in collaboration with the law firm Haynes Boone; links to the three panels are below.

A team of specialists is being assembled in order to research key developments on the energy sector in Mexico. Currently, the members of this team are George Baker, Miriam Grunstein and Isidro Morales.

The center plans to commission a series of issue briefs and research papers. Under consideration is a workshop for journalists from the NAFTA countries who report on Mexican energy. Also under consideration is the formation of an advisory council.

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Baker & Associates offers niche-market business and policy intelligence related to Mexico's oil and gas, power and chemical industries. Over 1,000 reports have been issued in the last 20 years. Subject matter expert and publisher George Baker, who directs the firm, has carried out consulting assignments starting in the late 1970s at the height of the Oil Boom in Mexico. He brings bilingual and bicultural skill-sets to understanding and responding to challenges of business and public policy, coupled with a deep familiarity with the history and idiosyncrasies of the Mexican operating environment.