Two reports on Pemex’s 2013-14 Mega-Tender for Onshore Wells

On August 29, 2013, Pemex issued an international RFP (Request for Proposal) No. 18575088-542-13 which called for proposals for some 1,300 wells in ten blocks (or packages). In December, two of the five blocks in Chicontepec were withdrawn, leaving the maximum number of wells at slightly less than 800. The bid packages were acquired by 37 companies, and, of these, alone or in consortia, submitted 18 bids for just 8 blocks. The proposals were received on January 14, 2014, and awards were made on February 12.

Our Market Note 182 examines the bids that were submitted for each block, noting how the bidders ranked. The bidders themselves were examined across blocks, noting their pattern of bidding relative to the arithmetic mean of all bids for a given block.

Our Market Note 183 examines the winning bids, noting that, as expected, Schlumberger won the largest number of blocks (3). Other contractors received just one block. There were to unexpected features of the awards: None of the major Mexican consortia would win any block; and two companies whose bids were fifth-ranked from the lowest were given awards.

Attached are the title pages for each of these reports (where, also, the outline of the report is shown).

DOWNLOAD Market Note 182: Pemex’s Mega-Tender (Title Page)

DOWNLOAD Market Note 183: Awards of the 2013-14 Mega-Tender (Title Page)

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