Why support our platform in Mexico’s energy space?

From Houston, since 1996, our reports in the series MEXICO ENERGY INTELLIGENCE™ have provided extra layers of corporate due diligence and public oversight of the course of law, policy, regulation, and institutional governance in Mexico’s energy space. We examine topics from the perspective of regulated market solutions and long-term institutional development.

We are concerned equally about the future and the past. Some of our reports imagine better
commercial and institutional outcomes than are possible under current laws and institutions.

Three examples:

1) Since 2006, we have called attention to the conflict of interest in the performance of duty by the energy minister. This official is expected to be impartial in matters of public oversight and regulation, but who is also the chairperson of both national energy companies, Pemex and CFE, and, as such, has a fiduciary requirement to promote their business interests.

2) Since 2017, we have advocated the creation of a second national oil company, one that would be professionally managed (that is, independent of the direct influence of the President of Mexico), and that would be funded, in part, by capital markets.

3) Since 2018, we have urged a reconsideration of how Mexico’s hydrocarbon estate is described in law and contracts and understood in the public square: The state’s authority derives from sovereignty, not ownership.

Since 2013, we have offered a platform, via interviews, for stakeholders to share their views and concerns about the past and future of the oil and electricity sectors in Mexico.

Our reports in the series “Public Policy Perspectives” enrich the discussion of energy topics in Mexico
by adding, sometimes provocatively, to the diversity of ideas.

We collaborate with journalists who seek data and insights about the topics of their reports. We
contribute to industry and academic forums, as by organizing the Mexico panel at the 2019 Offshore
Technology Conference.

The work is led by oil market analyst and historian George Baker, whose professional ties to Mexico
go back decades to the time when he was a Fulbright exchange professor at the National University
(UNAM). Synthesizing business journalism and academic scholarship, we analyze the past, present,
and future of Mexico’s energy sector in its cultural and political ecosystem.
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support a journalistic enterprise that re-imagines, and works for, a better future for the energy sector,
its investors and Mexico’s national oil company.
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