2023 North American Corn and Energy Summit

(Houston, Texas, Dec. 30, 2022) This report provides a perspective on Mexico’s trade policies relating to biotech and energy, topics that will be among the topics discussed at the 2023 North American Leaders Summit (NALS), scheduled for Jan. 9-10, 2023.

The report examines the background of the Mexican government’s decree of Dec. 31, 2020, which sets measures that have provoked strong reactions among farmers and industry NGOs who would like to see the decree withdrawn.

Also in play in the discussions is the history of alleged regulatory abuses in the energy sector.

In the light of the green bias of the Biden administration, we foresee the corn and glyphosate disputes having more weight on the agenda than will oil and gas.

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  1. George: the abstract of your report is excellent, and I am in complete agreement with it. First, it’s very insightful and important to highlight the difference between competition and competicion; really false cognates. It’s important to highlight Mexico’s statist policy making apparatus and the rectorship of the state in key sectors of the economy. You also indicate how this clashes with Mexico’s 50 trade agreements, most notably with USMC. (You might add WHO rules.) Noting the failures of neoliberals to amend the Constitution and laws is appropriate. Finally, you touch on a key factor: how AMLO can legitimately claim that he is acting within (and according to) his constitutional rights. You do not mention, however, that international law supersedes national law. Therefore, while AMLO’s actions are constitutional for internal Mexican constitutional purposes, that part of this constitutional and legal architecture is illegal from the point of view of international law, including WHO mandates, USMC and probably many or all of the other 50 international trade agreements.

    Austin, Texas

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