December 23, 2023

The people at Baker & Associates, Energy Consultants are helpful and understand energy in the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico. George Baker, who’s been at the helm of this business for more than two decades, is not only knowledgeable of the midstream, downstream and upstream of this process, he’s also familiar (I’ve discovered) with Pemex — the oil leader in Mexico — on which he frequently reports. Mr. Baker’s reports have helped me become acquainted with not only the current energy crisis but also energy in the news during the ’80s oil boom. I would urge anyone studying energy at the university level, or working in corporate law as well as at the enterprise level to browse his reports or contact their office for a list of reports that they have provided in the past. That’s what they did for me.

The most intriguing page that I discovered on is Mexico Energy Intelligence (MEI) newsletter