Our annual catalogs with annotated titles of our reports on Mexico’s energy sector are sorted chronologically and are grouped by a six-year presidential period, starting with the presidency of Ernesto Zedillo (1994-2000).

Mexico Energy Intelligence™ (MEI) is a digital newsletter that reports on institutions and market, legal, and regulatory developments in Mexico’s energy sector, with an emphasis on the upstream and midstream oil and gas markets.

The reports are prepared by a bi-national team of analysts, who draw on our in-house data resources, market familiarity, and not-for-profit sources in industry and government who advise us on technical topics such as farmouts, unitization, and wellbore integrity. We look for correspondence and departures from global standards of governance, policy and regulation.

Reports are available by subscription and online purchase. Call 1+ (832) 434-3928 on mobile/WhatsApp +1 (832) 434-3928 or email info@energia-mx.com to inquire about reports regarding each presidential period in Mexico, as listed in our catalogs.

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